Crisis Communication

Effectively Weather Difficult Times and Rebuild for the Future

When a crisis happens to your organization, you face an extraordinary challenge to maintain your customer relationships, keep your employees safe and informed, and effectively manage the operational, supply chain and financial problems that arise - all at the same time. The need for effective and frequent communications to all of these audiences is intense and ongoing. And then, you need to determine what's next for your company, the right business continuity and rebuilding strategy to employ and how to execute it under suboptimal circumstances.

Meta4 has decades of experience helping companies work through some of the most extraordinary crises in the world, and we're the partner you need when the going gets really tough. Examples of our prior crisis communication and recovery experience include:

  • 9/11 communications for a large multinational corporation with staff at both the World Trade Center and Pentagon, and employees/clients affected in 80 countries
  • Food and product recalls for meat packaging, dairy and toy companies
  • Bankruptcy and reorganization for numerous national and multinational companies
  • Natural disasters, including the Asian tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and tornados that damaged or destroyed operations, resulted in employee deaths and injuries, and put employees out of work for months
  • Workplace violence and accidents resulting in employee injuries and deaths
  • Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis communication and recovery planning for numerous companies impacted by both shutdowns and extraordinary product demand to help resolve the US and global crisis

We have the expertise to help you not only now, when the crisis is at its peak, but going forward to enable you to come out of this stronger and better than before.

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