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Kate Johnson

Kate serves as the day-to-day contact for clients, guiding projects in branding, marketing, public relations, social media and content marketing to meet and exceed client expectations.

She has more than 15 years of experience, holding various roles in agency environments, including owning her own agency for five years. Kate firmly believes in providing her clients with the highest quality of work while paying attention to even the smallest details.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations/Marketing.

Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending time with her young family and friends, gardening, cooking, boating, race walking and reading.

Recent Posts


Is Your Brand Messaging Still Aligned?

If your current brand elements don’t accurately convey the great things your customers say about working with you, represent the positive experiences your employees share with their friends or generate leads and revenue for your organization, it’s possible that you’re creating brand confusion through misalignment of your sales and marketing messages. As your business, products, services,…

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3 Reasons Why Guest Blogging is Essential for Today’s PR Programs

It’s likely that you already know that guest blogging is a compelling way to foster brand awareness, make meaningful connections, build strong relationships and generate traffic to your website. But what you may not realize is that guest blogging is one of the most critical elements to include in a modern and effective public relations…

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digital marketing trends

Trends Shaping the B2B Marketing Landscape (part 2)

The number of trends vying for the attention of B2B marketers this year is plentiful, and it can be difficult to determine which ones will perform best for your business. In this post, we’re evaluating 3 more trends, along with the impact they can make, to help inform or fine-tune your B2B marketing strategy. 1….

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Five Trends Shaping the B2B Marketing Landscape

There’s no shortage of trends vying for the attention of marketers, but on the surface, it’s not always easy to separate the flashes in the pan versus the trends that have true staying power. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the marketing tactics that B2B marketers should pay particularly close attention to…

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Are You Committing Any of These Seven Deadly Website Sins?

If your website is failing to deliver the visitors, leads and customers needed to help your business grow and thrive, you could be unintentionally committing one or more of what we refer to as the seven deadly website sins. But, will saving your site require a minor tune-up or an all-out overhaul? Let’s take a…

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Website Performance

The High-Cost of a Low-Performing Website

If your website isn’t delivering the visitors, leads and customers your organization needs to be successful, it’s likely that your virtual front door not only needs a little work, but it could actually be costing you business. But, have you given much thought to the true cost that an underperforming site has on your business?…

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Hands Typing on Computer

Social Media Conversation Starters

One of the things we often hear from current and prospective clients who have either not yet joined the conversation on social media, or who are struggling to maintain a regular presence on key channels is, “We’re not sure we have much to talk about.” However, millions of people engage “socially” every day to research…

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